About Me

“If you have read this far, it’s worth contacting me to explore the possibilities of us working together”.

Fees: P.O.A ………………………….50 minutes

Couples: £90:00 ……………………….50 minutes

What inspired me to become a therapist?

This is a question that I am frequently asked and for as long as I can remember, I have had a curiousity around human behaviour and potential. I wanted to know the answer to questions such as “why do some people never seem to overcome struggles whilst others whilst struggling seem to thrive?”  or “how do some people manage to maintain a reasonable level of happiness, despite their challenging and sometimes traumatic circumstances?”

The answers to many of my questions led me to start my training as a psychotherapist and four years later, I started with a very interesting clientelle: individuals who were pretty wealthy but for one reason or another were still striving to achieve emotional fulfillment.

Emotional fulfillment

Is a multidimensional and sometimes complex topic we can spend years in cycles without really understanding why or how they were even created. This is why I am passionate about my work, no two days are ever the same. I enjoy the rewards of witnessing a client unlock years of psychological conflict to experience their authentic and wonderfully talented selves.

“This brings me to you and our work together”

My approach is integrative – it’s less about ‘one size’ fits all and more about tailoring to ‘fit individual’ circumstances. It’s important to get it right from the start and that’s why our first discussion sets the tone for how we move forward together.

As an add-on optional, packages are offered to use post-treatment. See below for my online programmes and downloadable resources.


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Monday : 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
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